We »create« substanz by asking critical questions that are often uncomfortable and unfamiliar; questions that no one else asks, in order to go deeper. We critically criticise and in order to create space, we concentrate on the essential: the substanz. This substanz is the basis of and the driving force our our actions and reactions. It creates design that makes brands strong and successful.

1. Less is more

Maximum focus on the essentials. As little as possible, as much as necessary.

2. All or nothing

»A little change« does not often produce the desired effect. Developing a brand means change – and this is hard work for us and our customers.

3. Design is not democratic

Trust in us. We can do things that you cannot.

4. Think longterm

We would like to work with you on the ideas behind and sustainable evolution of your brand in order to strengthen it in the longterm.

5. Esteem

We deeply value our customers and create added value for their brands with a great deal of enthusiasm. We do good work, have many years of experience, a lot of knowledge, and take time for you. For this we would also like to be appreciated and paid appropriately.

6. Creative processes are tough

… for us AND for our customers. Ideas and solutions do not fall from the sky. They are the result of mutual challenge and grit.

7. Challenge

There is not »cannot«. We will only stop when we and our customers are satisfied with the solution.